Confederate Flag Day

March 3rd, 2018

National Event

    The SCV will be celebrating the 3rd annual Confederate Flag Day, which is in the SCV Standing Orders as March 4. Last year was a huge success. Let us strive to make it bigger and better his year! Each member is encouraged to fly a Confederate Flag on March 3-4, 2018. The logic behind this date is that March 4, 1861 is when First National Flag (Stars and Bars) was hoisted over the Confederate Capitol in Montgomery, Alabama Confederate Veteran and on March 4, 1865 President Jefferson Davis signed a bill into law creating the Third National Flag.

     This year observance will be held on saturday, March 3, 2018 . Every Division and every camp without a Division will sponsor a Flag Day observance somewhere within their state. Past Commander-in-Chief Chuck McMichael has agreed to be the national coordinator of this occurrence and will be sending out a format for all Divisions and camps without Divisions to follow. Once times and locations are determined, PCIC McMichael will make them public so members are aware of the particulars.  Be sure to mark your calendar now so you and your family can attend.

Thomas V. Strain, Jr
Sons of Confederate Veterans

Updates and information will be posted on the appropriate pages as it arrives.
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