Confederate Flag Day

March 3rd, 2018

National Event
Confederate Flag Day

March 3rd, 2018

National Event


WE NEED YOU!   WHERE:  Corner of Congress and Lakeview
March 3rd, Austin, TX, @ TX DOT Parking Lot, Intersection of Congress Ave. and 200 Riverside Dr (map).  Assemble ready: 4 Floats @ 8:00 A.M. start time.  Uniformed marchers needed.  No uniforms needed for float riders.
We will be participating in the Austin Parade up Congress on March 3rd.  We did this last year with 4 floats and a Marching line.  This Parade will show a Battle Flag on Each Float and a multitude of Battle Flags in the Marching line.
This is your chance to show the flag(s).  We need both 'riders' on the floats and marchers for the Flag/Rifle line.
Those that have floats, please notify H.W. Irby.  Also, let Compatriot Irby know if you want to ride or march, notify.  If you know of others that have floats, let him know that, too.  Contact Irby at  secech13@aol.comm 
WE NEED YOU!  Heritage Defense also means Heritage Offense, we need floats, riders, and marchers with flags.  We have the poles and flags.
This is your chance to show the flag and show your Confederate Heritage.  You do not need a uniform to ride the floats. If you have a uniform that would be good, wear it.  Again, a uniform is not required to ride.
WE NEED YOU!  Compatriots need to be ready to line up by 8:00 a.m.
Be There!
John McCammon


  1st Brigade Flag Rallies

1.  Sidney Sherman Camp#2256 in Stratford, will be flagging the Overpass at Conway, Texas, over I40 from 10am to 3pm on March 3rd.

2.  The Wellington Camp and the Childress Camps, with individual's from the Lubbock Camp, will be having a flagging at Pioneer Park on Hwy 83, where they will have brochures and free hamburgers to the public with many flags on display on the 3rd also.

March 3rd - FIRST MONDAY - CONFEDERATE FLAG DAY - Saturday is First Monday (Weatherford) - on Saturday the 3rd of March we participate in a 'Living History' (and "Shoot the Bull" gossip session) with our guys in the 3rd Brigade (Camp# 2255 Willow Park, - Camp #2235 Haltom City, and others) We'll be celebrating CONFEDERATE FLAG DAY - So, bring your flags (if you got'em) - wear your uniform (if you got'em) or (if you ain't got'em) come along with us (most of us don't have flags or uniforms) and flags will be provided. We meet at Coffee Creek RV Resort at 9:00am Saturday March 3rd and ride over together in a car-load to Weatherford (or meet us there at 10:00) It will be a fun celebration, so come join us.

Point of Contact Calvin Allen, Commander 3rd Brigade @ 817-304-0632


March 2 Texas

Plan to bring the family to Hood County, Acton, Texas Texas Independence Day March 1, 2, & 3, 2018

2018 Celebration, Events, Heroes, Students, Texas History on Texas Heroes Foundation

Yes, there be a living history celebration this year, with historical characters in period dress and the CSA will be represented as it is every Year.  We would be so proud to have you join us at Elizabeth Crockett's Grave and the grave site of several Confederate Veteran's including one of her and Davey's sons who fought for the CSA  Yes. March 1, 2, and 3, 2018, Davy Crockett, John McGregor and more will be waiting to meet you. 9:00 am on the 1st &2nd opening at Acton Baptist for school kids and then at Acton Cemetery at 10 On Saturday March 3rd for the Public.

“Present and accounted for”  Lt. Colonel William B. Travis, General Sam Houston, and David Crockett. The reenactors, as well as a recitation of the famous Travis Letter, make up part of a larger plan to educate people of all ages about Texas and its rich history.

Point of Contact Dickey Freeman, Adjutant, Hiram B Granbury Camp #427, 7th Brigade, Granbury, Texas @ 817-559-2422 and Peggy Freeman @ 214-675-5752